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Election Project English 12 Multimedia Election Project
Understand the techniques behind the plethora of advertisements for the candidates and issues

Click on the links below for a copy of the assignment handout as well supplementary information (more will be available as Election Day approaches).

English 12 Collaborative Multimedia Election Project


Project Goal: To demonstrate your understanding of the implementation of effective rhetorical strategies within specific persuasive situations and contexts


Primary Learning Goals

You will understand how to:

  • Research the background and gather data on a political candidate or proposed amendment and present specific claims and address opposing arguments
  • Implement the different rhetorical strategies including style, content and arrangement used in texts designed to persuade specific audiences and use them effectively
  • Discern the effectiveness of specific visual and linguistic techniques used in political campaigns directed to specific audiences.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of syntax and diction in a text directed to a specific audience.
  • Discover and utilize effective strategies to present credible persuasive writing even though you may personally oppose the issue or candidate—develop appeals to credibility
  • Synthesize material from various and diverse sources.

Secondary Learning Goal

  • The project will generate interest in the election process and current events.


The Candidates and Proposed Amendments:

1.     Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) – President/Vice President

2.     Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) – President/Vice President

3.     Jared Polis (D) – U.S. House of Rep. District 2

4.     Kevin Lundberg (R) – U.S. House of Rep. District 2

5.     Jefferson County Ballot Initiatives 3A/3B Yes

6.      Jefferson County Ballot Initiatives 3A/3B No

7.      Amendment S: State Personnel System

8.      Amendment 64: Use and Regulation of Marijuana

9.      Amendment 65: CO Congressional Delegation to Support Campaign Finance Limits


The Project and Assessments: 

  • I will assign each group of three a specific candidate or ballot initiative to research and promote.  Because I want to create a “real life” situation (such as employment with an advertising agency) and focus on creating appeals to ethos, you will not be able to choose the side of the initiative you will take or the candidate you will promote.
  • You will research the candidate/issue by exploring newspapers, TV ads and news programs, campaign literature, the state-provided “Blue Book,” etc.  You can access the “Blue Book” on my website.
  • You should also visit websites run by the campaigns as well as Project Vote Smart or the League of Women Voters.  Both are linked on my website.
  • You will produce, record, and present to the class three sixty second persuasive “TV Spots” each directed toward specific voters: supporters, undecided and those opposed
  • Accompanying each “TV Spot” you will submit an annotated copy of your script, noting specific rhetorical strategies you used both auditory and visual.
  • You may record your project on a DVD or present it live to the class.

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