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English 12/LIT 115
English 10 Honors: American Literature » Literary and Rhetorical Terms Exercise

Literary and Rhetorical Terms Exercise Literary and Rhetorical Terms Exercise

The links below will lead you to the definitions as well as a printer-friendly copy of the handout.

Directions: Define each of these terms and provide an explicit or referential example from our readings. 

1.      Theme

2.      Figurative Language

3.      Allegory

4.      Motif

5.      Connotation

6.      Denotation

7.      Archaic

8.      Metonymy

9.      Ethos

10.  Pathos

11.  Logos

12.  Mood

13.  Tone

14.  Anaphora

15.  Polysyndeton

16.  Asyndeton

17.  Loose or Cumulative sentence

18.  Periodic sentence

19.  Appositive

20.  Antecedent

21.  Diction

22.  Syntax

23.  Parallel structure

24.  Loaded Diction

25.  Passive

26.  Active voice

27.  Antithesis

28.  Analogy

29.  Juxtaposition

30.  Satire

31.  Simile

32.  Imagery


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    Here you will find the definitons of some of the terms in the exercise.
    Rhetorical Terms
    On the right side of the home page is an extended list of rhetorical terms. Click on the term to retrieve the definition.

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