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AP English Language and Composition/ENG 121 » Collaborative Essay Project Assignment

Collaborative Teaching Project Collaborative Essay Project Assignment
Teaching an Essay to the Class

For printer-friendly copies of the assignment and the question development handout, click on the links below:

Rationale:  Due to the plethora of rhetorical techniques we have discussed in class, hopefully, you have progressed as a discerning reader, a reader who detects the strategies authors use to develop meaningful texts.  Furthermore, you probably have discovered that some texts impact you more than others for reasons transcending your initial interest in the topic.  Therefore, as the day of the test looms, it is time to demonstrate what you have learned through an assignment encompassing many of the techniques you have learned and share your expertise with the members of your group as well as the class.


The Assignment:  You and your group will choose an appropriate essay from The Norton Reader and conduct a class discussion.  Your group will compose at least five AP-level multiple-choice questions, questions pertaining to rhetorical analysis (including style) and implication.  Finally, your group will submit an AP-level writing prompt requiring either rhetorical analysis or argumentation.


Requirements and Helpful Hints:


·         Choose an appropriate essay, an essay rich in meaning and style (not necessarily the shortest) and an essay you can consume most of the period teaching.

·         I must approve your essay choice.

·         You must thoroughly analyze the rhetorical strategies: the techniques the author employs to achieve his/her purpose, those techniques that contribute to the essay’s effectiveness and then analyze how the techniques work toward that achievement – answer the “so what” question.

·         You must inform the class of your chosen essay during the class period prior to your presentation, so they can prepare for your presentation.

·         You will have most of the block period on 4/17 and a portion on 4/19 to work with your group. 

·         Multiple-choice questions should transcend level one (literal) questions or simple regurgitation.

·         Use the handout on stems as well as the multiple-choice sample tests to help you develop your multiple-choice questions.

·         Your multiple-choice questions should transcend your presentation.

·         Remember we are all in this together.  Now is the time to “raise all boats.”  Use this opportunity to help your fellow group members who may be struggling in some areas.  Note that all group members will earn the same grade on this assignment.

·         Prepare for your presentation by reviewing the handouts on syntax, arrangement, diction, tone and argumentation. 

·         Remember style is a facet of rhetorical analysis, so your writing prompt should not focus exclusively on style.

·         A successful presentation will require most – if not all – of an entire block period, including administering your five multiple-choice questions.

·         Presentations begin on 4/25.  I will give you the order in class.


Individual Assignment:  Each member of the group will compose a response to the prompt created for the project.  This response – in MLA format – will be due at the beginning of the period following your presentation.


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