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AP English Language and Composition/ENG 121 » Mid-term Current Issue Project

Mid-term Current Issue Project Mid-term Current Issue Project
You will demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between text and audience.

Mid-Term: The Current Issue Project


Primary Learning Goals:


You will understand how to:

  • write argumentatively and persuasively about a public discourse issue;
  • assess what you already know about an issue of interest to you;  
  • research the background and gather data on this issue;
  • present specific claims and address opposing arguments depending on audience;
  • apply different rhetorical strategies used in texts designed to persuade specific audiences and use them effectively in your writing;
  • employ effective arrangement strategies according to primary audience
  • discern the effectiveness of specific genres directed to specific audiences, the relationship between function and form;
  • effectively employ schemes and tropes in a text
  • explore and address diverse viewpoints on an issue
  • synthesize material from various and diverse sources.


The Project and Assessments:


  • You will research a specific controversial issue of interest to you. However, you may not choose evolution vs. intelligent design, abortion, gun control, marijuana legalization or gay marriage for this assignment.
  • You will research the issue by exploring newspapers, TV news programs and ads (if relevant), magazines, books (for background and context) and relevant web sites.  You must cite at least four different sources in a bibliography encompassing the entire project.
  • You will compose three persuasive essays about your issue, each directed to a specific audience: those who agree with you, the undecided or apathetic, and your opponents.
  • Accompanying each essay you will submit to me a second copy that you have meticulously annotated, highlighting the rhetorical strategies you employed.
  • The essays should be at least 1½ pages each in MLA format.
  • On the due date, you will submit your persuasive essays, annotated copies, bibliography, and self-evaluation. 


Self Evaluation Questions:

  1. Did you stick with your original topic or did you change it along the way? Why?
  2. Briefly discuss the rationale for the major changes you made in each piece.
  3. What problems did you encounter during the process of creating the project?
  4. What part of your project are you most proud of? Why?

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