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AP English Language and Composition/ENG 121 AP English Language and Composition/ENG 121

The original handouts are copyright ©2000-2012 by Rolf M. Gunnar unless otherwise noted. Educators, please feel free to use any of these handouts. Send comments to the e-mail address on my home page. Click on the title of the assignment in the menu on the left side of the page to see the handout.


Links to the textbook  -  The Norton Reader, a web site linking you to college credit policy information, an extensive web site covering the study of rhetoric, a web site explaining the differences between college and high school writing, a glossary of grammar terms, the steps for applying for Red Rocks Community College credit -- credit that will transfer to any in-state college (and some out of state), and a guide to the Accuplacer as well as a sample test are found below.


Welcome to AP English Language and Composition/ENG 121!


 “In the largest study ever of the impact of AP on college success, which looked at 222,289 students from all backgrounds attending a wide range of Texas universities, the researchers said they found ‘strong evidence of benefits to students who participate in both AP courses and exams in terms of higher GPAs, credit hours earned and four-year graduation rates’” (Washington Post 1/30/2007).  Furthermore, due to the fact that AP students experience the rigors of a college course, they generally fare better in higher education than non-AP students even if they fail to pass the AP test.  Therefore, this class is equivalent to a college-level freshman composition class, not only in academic rigor, but also in class expectations and structure.  When noting an acceptable grade for an AP class on a student’s transcript, college admissions officers should have a reasonable expectation that the student applicant has experienced a college-level curriculum and has risen to the occasion.  Consequently, you must make a commitment, a commitment to prioritize this class by devoting your full attention and best efforts. In order to meet your commitment you must understand and accept that:


·             You can earn Red Rocks Community College credit through concurrent instruction (course: ENG 121). After you complete the registration process with Red Rocks, including earning an acceptable score on the Accuplacer test (SS score of 95 and reading score of 80 or higher, and you may retake this test until you achieve those scores) before the January, 2013 deadline, you are eligible for 3 hours of college credit independently of your score on the AP exam in May.  These credit hours cost nothing – quite a bargain! You must maintain a C in the AP class to earn this credit. 

·             The Accuplacer will be offered at CHS – dates TBA.

·             You must practice quality work habits.

·         Prepare for class by completing assigned readings, writing and research processes.

·         Submit all assignments on time.

·         Complete and submit assignments prior to planned absences.

·            You cannot drop the class until second semester.

·            We reserve the option of recommending withdrawal if you are not performing to reasonable expectations. If your grade drops below a mid-C, you must seek extra help from a T.A. or me.

·             Consistent attendance is essential for success in this course.  If you are absent 10 or more times during a semester (excused or not), we will have an administrative meeting to discuss your future in the course.

·            You must complete all summer reading and writing assignments. If you fail to complete them, you will have to meet with me to discuss your future in the AP program. 

·            We have waived the course fee, so you are responsible for obtaining your textbooks.  To ensure that you have ordered the correct editions, please refer to the ISBN numbers on the course syllabus when ordering.

·            If you lose them, the summer reading assignments are available on my web site:  < www.mrgunnar.net > under “AP English Language and Composition” in the menu on the left side of the home page. 

·            You must take the practice exam when administered.  It emulates the actual testing experience. It will be held during TCAP week in the spring or on another date to be announced.  This exam will weigh heavily in the determination of your final grade.  You will earn no credit on it if you miss it due to anything other than illness (requiring a doctor’s note) or a family emergency


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